IPL Treatment

What is an IPL Treatment?

A photofacial is a non surgical treatment consisting of intense pulse light, (IPL) that improves the skins’ appearance by diminishing dark pigmentation and redness associated with enlarged capillaries and veins. This advanced light-based technology will correct damaged skin by diminishing the appearance of brown spots, freckles, red veins, and diffuse redness. IPL makes the skin look younger and healthier with minimal downtime.

A broad spectrum of light (IPL) is absorbed by either unwanted pigment or blood inside the vessels of treated areas. Unwanted pigment can become darker as it surfaces and exfoliates in the days following your treatment. Treating veins or redness can result in the skin having an immediate red or pink appearance, sometimes with small bruising when the veins are large or dense, and will resolve naturally over the days following treatment.

A Typical IPL Treatment:

The procedure takes about 35 minutes and feels like a gentle snap of a rubber band. No pre-medication is needed. Cooling is used to provide patient comfort throughout the procedure.

What to Expect during the IPL:

There is no post recovery discomfort. The skin may appear temporarily flushed and pigment may even appear to initially darken, which decreases over a short period of time. Results can vary based on each individual’s skin type and condition.

Number of Treatments Needed:

Some patients will need one treatment where others may see the desired results happen gradually and appear over a series of treatments. We strongly encourage the use of sunscreen after the procedure and daily to prevent further damage. There is no need to interrupt routine activities.

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We offer single treatment pricing or package pricing if you are interested in a series!

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