Great experience every time. I see Hilari for microderm regularly and always leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated! She explains the services and her recommendations so I always know exactly what to expect. Hilari’s treatments are obviously wonderful, but the personal touch that she provides is what keeps me coming back every month! Saasha has also been great with her consultations and guidance on the right services for me. Overall, wonderful experience every time with the services and in all interactions with staff. Anytime I ask about options I am presented with multiple choices and the benefits of each so I can make an informed decision. I never feel like anyone is trying to “sell” me services just for profit.  Whenever I say “I want to talk about or address xyz” the staff always have recommendations and advice for what would work for ME. Both Hilari and Saasha took the time to write out information and instructions for me to make sure I understood how to use the products I purchased. Very satisfied with my visits. Going to expand my horizons to lip fillers during my next appointment! Very excited! ?? Definitely recommend!  – KH

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