It’s dead simple – never before in my life have I been graced by such a charmingly personable array of individuals. From the receptionists at the front desk to the technicians in the backrooms, I have experienced nothing but an exceedingly competent, professional, and empathic service tailored to my needs for the duration of the numerous years I’ve solicited services from the stellar staff of MedSpa1064. I have entrusted my body to these staff time and again – assured in their effectiveness and reassured that I, a transgender girl (she/her), am just as safe, valued, and welcomed as any other prospective client is. I dearly hope that the aforementioned brilliance of service by such equally radiant staff does not go unnoted, and unrewarded. That would be criminal. Also, consider adding to the office décor a complimentary dish of butterscotch hard candies – a certain receptionist I know would be ever so pleased at such a development.- LM

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