I’ve had laser hair removal done in the same area around my jaw line/side burns and it never stuck. I thought it was not going to work for me…then, after many years of the struggle to keep the growth to a minimum, I did a little research and found that it wasn’t the procedure itself but the place I had gone to previously that had duped me. After discussing the entire process and understanding what needed to be done with the wonderful staff, I took a chance with Medspa. I have to say, the results after the first 2 treatments were TREMENDOUS. Not only has my hair growth reduced significantly, it’s virtually non-existent. As I continued, I became more and more confident (essentially out of sight, out of mind). The staff, services and overall ambience have had a great impact on me. They are kind, very helpful and most of all respectful of any services they provide. If I’m ever considering another process I am definitely coming back here.  – PM

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