Trust is the key here. Dr J has the must trustworthy advice and never steers one wrong. He will really listen to your concerns! He patiently takes the time to walk you through all the options. Take care of yourself by going to the best! I’ve been coming to only Dr J & staff for years and I’ve always been satisfied with their advice and treatment options. There is no upselling.  Dr J is honest and if it’s possible to fix your concern, he can do it. He will also be honest if your request will not properly address your needs and he can suggest various viable alternatives. I’m always happy that everyone new I meet continues to assume that I’m just MUCH younger than my actual age! The hubby is so jealous that folks think he’s my father when we travel! I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s so worth it! Thank you, Medspa1064!  – TS

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